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Research Basics

Develop a topic, use the library catalog and databases, evaluate and cite sources.

What Is Library OneSearch?

Library OneSearch search box

Library OneSearch is a discovery platform where you can find and access almost all of the library's owned and subscribed content. You can limit your search to articles only, or to items available from the SVCC library or from one of the ~90 academic and research libraries that belong to I-Share. Or you can search everything all at once and filter your search results to display the most useful content. Login to your account to view and renew checked out items, and also to borrow from I-Share libraries.

Simple Search vs. Advanced Search

Simple Search

Type your keyword(s) and/or phrases into the search box, choose your search parameters (catalog, articles, everything, etc.) and search. Use the filters that appear next to your search results (Subject, Resource Type, Creation Date, Language) to narrow your search results to those that are the most useful. 

Advanced Search

Use the Advanced Search page to take advantage of any of these additional functions before you click on the Search tab:

  • use keyword searching and phrase searching
  • combine search terms with the Boolean AND/OR/NOT functions
  • find resources where your search terms appear in the title, author or subject field of the resource record
  • search for resources published in a specific date rang

OneSearch advanced search interface

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