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Copyright @SVCC: CCC Academic Site License

Basic introduction to copyright in the educational environment.

The Copyright Clearance Center Academic Site License

Sauk Valley Community College has added an institution-wide copyright site license through the Copyright Clearance Center. Although not all publishers participate in the agreement, the license will make it much easier for faculty, staff, and students to share copyrighted material in compliance with copyright laws. 

Watch this brief Annual Copyright License video for a quick overview of what this entails.

How to Verify Copyright Permission

1. Create an account for RightFind Academic with your SVCC email address. Use this link to login once you have created an account.

Academic RightFind Login Image

2. Search for the book or article by ISBN/ISSN or by title.

Copyright Clearance Center RightFind Search image

3. Look in the How can I use this copyrighted content box to find terms of use for the resource.

A green check mark green check mark next to Digital Sharing means you are free to use this title in these ways:

  • electronic coursepack or electronic reserve
  • course management system
  • academic institution intranet
  • email a copy internally
  • store a copy on your local hard drive
  • display in an internal presentation
  • distribute internally a PowerPoint presentation

A green check mark green check mark next to Photocopy Sharing means you have permission photocopy or print and share the title in these ways:

  • a printed coursepack
  • classroom handouts
  • sharing with co-workers

A green circled exclamation point Terms apply icon next to Digital or Photocopy Sharing means special terms apply. Click on the word Terms to see what they are and abide by those terms.

If Copyright Permission Isn't Available

Click on the View more ways to share link if permission is not available.

Copyright Clearance Center no license image

There may be an option to pay for permission to use a copyrighted source.

Copyright Clearance Center Pay Per Use image

The Copyright Clearance Center Marketplace provides this transactional service.

Resources from Copyright Clearance Center

RightFind Academic Instruction Sheet

More tips and details for using RightFind.

Copyright On Campus - Video (~ 6 minutes)

 Jane the Librarian educates her colleagues about copyright law.

Copyright Basics for Academia - Video (~45 minutes)

Learn the ins and outs of copyright as it relates to Academic Institutions.

So What Is (and Isn't) Protected by Copyright?

Understanding the extent to which materials are protected can minimize the risk of infringement.

Using Learning Management Systems

Guidelines and Best Practices for Copyright Compliance.

Please note:

  • these rights apply as long as SVCC continues to offer the Copyright Clearance Center Academic Site License
  • copyright permission does include carte blanche to copy all or most of any one resource
  • the license can't be used to create a collection that would substantially replace the need for a subscription or purchase of a particular work

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License